Aerocide USP

  • First Natural Air Sanitizer in World
  • First Perfumed Antibacterial Air Sanitizer in World
  • Robust Cidal Activity against Air borne Bacteria
  • Highly efficient against air Pathogens
  • Maintain Sanitized Air throughout the area


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Welcome to Aerocide Natural Air Sanitizer

The Aerocide Natural Air Sanitizer is designed to reduce the levels of airborne bacteria, allergens and micro-organisms in a given area and to maintain the low level thereafter. It Kills the disease causing harmful bacteria, virus and microorganisms and offers pleasant fragrance along with Sanitized environment. A Micro burst at regular metered intervals helps in building the Healthy environment free from preexisting pathogens in the air and maintains air quality over prolonged period.

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Application Areas


Hygiene is one of the biggest seller when it comes to your food outlet. Cotemporary trends suggest that customers have become more and more ambience and cleanliness centric. We envisage to bridge this gap with our innovative product.


School is a place where childrens come to learn and to be future ready in this competitive world of today. Attendence fall outs has been a major factor in downscaling exam results. Capex on infrastructure can be justified only when it's prudent to offering best of care to school kidz.


Hospitals are more prone to airbone and other infections than anybody else. Take of note of precautionary measures you have taken till date and we are sure that it will drill down to a long list. Forget all those age old semantical treatments.